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March 20 2014

The Bandhouse Website Builder for Musicians, Bands and DJs

Band Website Builder - Are thinking about creating a wonderful music website? The Bandhouse Platform is definitely the newest website maker on the internet. Built by musician Casey Jones from Australia, it packs a tonne of features with flexible plans and even a free plan for individuals that aren't ready for any paid version yet. You can Sell your music & merchandise and make money using your music. It's made to help bands, musicians and djs create their own website, plus sell their music and acquire more fans online. With the way record labels are going, many bands are performing it themselves today, and making lots of money doing it. Bandhouse is a tool which allows its users to manage, sell, automate and design their online presence. Bandhouse features a tonne of features such as a Drag & Drop editor, pre-designed templates, fully managed cloud hosting, responsive design, mobile apps, iOS & Android apps, playlistable mp3 music player, facebook - twitter- instagram - youtube and other social apps a merch store as well as a heap more. Give it a look at http: //bandhouse.me

Band Website Builder - Looks to be extremely promising for the music community, although it's just released this year.

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